Robert R George

Bio: Award winning brewer, vintner and author of The Umami Factor

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3 comments on “About

  1. Hello Robert, I like the look and layout of your blog. Didn’t have time to read much.

    Femto-fermentation eh? I always like the sound and idea of a pico-brewery, but you took it even a step smaller.

    Salut, Maarten (alias lammi)

  2. Richard Daniel says:

    Hello Robert,

    I bought the UMAMI factor, after reading the solstice heather mead article here on your web page. The book is an engaging read, more than what I expected or was looking for. It introduced concepts I hadn’t thought about. One area I wanted to focus on is the full-spectrum idea map. The book offers 2 examples, for beer and soft drinks, I wondered if you had thoughts on mead/ wine? Maybe an idea for the next edition.
    I have your recipe in a carboy. The aroma from the jar is alluring. Looking forward savouring the beverage at some future date. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for the good words Richard. Where did you find heather honey? I had to order it from Scotland and it cost a fortune. Having said that, the aroma is indeed amazing, and just recently I found an bottle that has been empty of the mead for about 3 years and still has the aroma in it. I still have some bottles of the original batch, and they’re getting on to 10 years old. Still wonderful.
      As far as mead/wine spectra are concerned, I might consider sweet-to-dry, floral-to-spicy, soft-to-tannic, bland-to-acidic, etc.

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